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Our founders, husband and wife team Dan Conn and Monica Frank, began their dog walking business in 2017.


Growing up in America, Monica raised her own dog, a miniature schnauzer named Chip.  Her family got Chip as a 3-month-old puppy in 2005, and Monica took care of him until she moved to the UK when she and Dan got married.

Dan and Monica's business began as a small venture, but grew quickly due to high demand for quality service.  Since starting Islington Dog Walkers, they have become dog trainers as well, and hold certifications from The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training.

Islington Dog Walkers, Dog Walking in North London

As they met with a variety of dog owners while building their business, Dan and Monica noticed many common concerns.   Most owners said they needed someone they could trust to keep their dogs safe, as opposed to someone who took too casual an approach to handling a valued member of their family.  Dan and Monica also heard often about the importance of a reliable walker: someone who very rarely cancelled and wouldn't leave owners stuck on short notice.

We do our very best each day with our clients' dogs, making sure to carefully look after each of them.  We also keep an organised schedule and communicate regularly with owners so they know they can depend on us.  All of our staff have experience in basic dog handling, and we can also help with command training, puppy training, and stopping various undesirable behaviours.

Islington Dog Walkers, Dog Walking in North London

We’ve been fortunate to look after a wide variety of dogs, and we take great pride in the quality of care we provide.  Many of our clients have told us they feel most secure leaving their dogs in our care, and we feel privileged to be their first choice.  Our canine crew certainly keeps us busy, and we love working as a team with them all!

Meet Our Team!

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