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Are you considering bringing a new dog into your home, but want some help making your choice and getting some extra information?  We’re certified dog trainers, and are happy to speak with new dog owners about any questions or concerns they may have. 


It’s important to be aware of the commitment involved in owning a dog, and to choose a dog suited to your lifestyle to ensure a happy long term relationship.  We can discuss with you about any of the following:


  • Where to buy/adopt a dog

  • Getting either a puppy or adult dog

  • Choosing a breed and temperament that suits you

  • Introducing a new dog to your home and any existing dogs

  • Basic needs of puppies

  • Daily care requirements such as exercise and socialisation


You can schedule a free phone consult with us by calling us on 020 7700 7036 or by emailing us at:


We’d be delighted to help you choose the ideal dog for your lifestyle!