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Why Should I Hire a Dog Walker?

If you have a dog, we’re sure you consider him part of your family and want to make certain he has everything he needs to be happy and healthy. You may wonder what your dog needs most from you: A big collection of toys? The tastiest treats? Plenty of cuddles? More important than any of those things is exercise, which is a dog’s essential form of fulfillment. So, the best thing you can do for your dog is taking him on regular walks, ideally 2-3 a day.

Dogs have an inborn need to travel and explore territory outdoors, which requires a substantial amount of owners’ time each day—anywhere between 1 and 3 hours on average. But, if you’re like many other dog owners out there, we bet you have a busy schedule filled with other commitments. It can make a hectic day at the office even trickier if you need to rush home during your lunch hour to walk your dog and still make it back to work on time. You may often feel like you don’t have time for anything besides a quick toilet break for your dog when he needs more than just a brief circle around the block. That’s where we come in: we’re here to make the day easier for you and as fun and fulfilling for your dog as possible!

Gatsby, Alfie, and Lisbela walking with us around Islington!

The physical benefits for dogs of a good walk are probably obvious to you, but did you know walking has a wide variety of other assets for dogs’ overall wellbeing? Read on to learn more!

Behaviour: A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Walking is not only an expenditure of a dog’s physical energy, it also helps him use his mental energy. You can probably already tell if your dog is bursting with physical energy—he’s most likely bouncing off the walls just dying to get outside. But pent up mental energy can manifest itself in a bunch of ways, which usually are in the form of behavioural problems. If your dog is a constant barker, possessive of toys or food, destructive in your home (rummaging through garbage, chewing furniture, etc.), or aggressive towards other dogs, any of these things could be a result of frustration from lack of exercise. It’s entirely possible that the solution to your dog’s bad behaviour is as simple as getting him out for more walks every day. This may be a tall order for owners who are working professionals, especially those who have large breed dogs requiring maximum exercise, but that’s why we’re here to help! If you’ve noticed your dog showing signs of behavioural issues, why not make the first step in solving the problem more exercise?

Pack Power: I Get by With a Little Help From my (Doggie) Friends

We walk dogs in small packs sorted by size and energy levels. It’s natural for dogs to travel in this way and it gives them the opportunity to socialise with other dogs. By exercising and playing with their own kind, dogs gain stronger social skills and a heightened sense of community. We understand this method may concern some owners whose dogs are on the shy side, but you’d be surprised just how readily more timid dogs come out of their shells once they’re in a relaxed, happy group! We’ve found that spending time with other friendly dogs is the surest way to help nervous dogs become more outgoing. If it still sounds daunting, rest assured! We only allow balanced, well socialized dogs to walk in the pack, and would be more than happy to arrange a free meet and greet ahead of time to introduce new dogs to some members of the group we already have.

Discipline: Rules are Rules

Isn’t it annoying when your dog pulls on the lead, jerks away when he sees a squirrel, or just refuses to walk in the direction you’re going? We have experience in handling dogs and can help train your dog to walk better on the lead. We use positive reinforcement techniques to get dogs to walk correctly on the lead and to sit and wait at crossings. In general, dogs will be more receptive to rules and training when they’ve had good exercise, which is why it’s great to work on discipline with them during their walk. Plus, having canine friends around makes dogs more likely to walk well together, since packs of dogs tend to arrange themselves in formation and travel as a group.

Walking consistently every day has so many more benefits for dogs besides physical ones. When he’s out with us, your dog will have the opportunity to work out any frustrated energy that could be contributing to behavioural problems, make new friends, and learn basic street manners and discipline. We guarantee your dog will come home relaxed and fulfilled after a fun and safe walk with our pack!

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